September 28, 2020

What Bollywood has taught us about Finance

You may like Bollywood movies or feel weird with them, but you never remain indifferent. They are abundant in emotions! For quite some time, it has been considered a very entertaining industry. To date, they are full of bright colors, plots with unexpected twists, catchy songs, and epic rhythmic dance scenes. Well, there is no “but” to follow. The main objective of Bollywood is to make you feel agitated, immersed in a unique world where everything is possible. Villains are punished, and the good ones triumph in the most festive and heroic way.

Isn’t that what we all crave? Live happily ever after and breathe deeply after all the problems we have to face. Logical questions come to mind: ‘How do they do it? Is this possible in real life? ‘ Yes, but less dramatically. Bollywood can teach us not only to deal with difficult situations with love but also to give us some useful ideas about money management.

You may have never thought about it before, but financial issues are implicit in many movies. It doesn’t matter if you are a movie buff or a curious smartie, prepare your popcorn: let’s see and learn!

Money Management Rules

Here we have a selection of movies that show how people in the Bollywood universe handle their money.

  • Guru

If you crave something, do it! But knowing when to stop you.

The film dates back to 1951 and tells the story of an ambitious villager who is good at dreaming big and never giving up. Gurukant “Guru” Desai goes a long way from a salesman in Turkey to a successful entrepreneur in Mumbai.

Finally, his “I can do it” spirit takes him very far! Fortunately, as it is not too late, he manages to clear his name.

As in trading, your losses should not stop you. You must analyze them and see the failures as a springboard for future success. But self-control is essential. The ability to reduce speed, relax and take time for the market to return to normal, is the key to making your profits!

  • Phir Hera Pheri

Before you invest a fortune, do a sufficient experience check.

Three wealthy friends enjoy the luxuries of their new wealth. Caught by greed, they want more money and make a ruthless investment that turns out to be a scam. They lose their money, they fall to the bottom, and with no idea how to get out.

After a series of crazy adventures, the subjects manage to take control of the situation. But could they have avoided these misfortunes?

Of course! Before investing large amounts, invest enough time to analyze the market, look for a reliable broker and design a risk management plan . These steps are crucial, or else you could end up with nothing.

  • Band Baaja Baaraat

Partner with an expert for the best results.

The film shows two young entrepreneurs who start a wedding planning company from scratch. They work perfectly as business partners that complement each other. The projects go smoothly; They think creatively and leave their customers satisfied with the services provided.

But due to love-related situations, the partnership is broken by a successful business. And only when they return to work with each other, does their agency start working again.

Well, new traders may need a backup, an expert to follow in their footsteps. Select the best players in the market from the list and copy the most successful operations.

  • Badmaash Company

Be creative about making money and dream big.

After graduating from college, several friends decide to start a business together. The motivation to get rich is so strong that they invent extremely unusual ways to make their plans work. For example, they grab shoes and smuggle left and right separately. Although the means to achieve success are not what we approve, the new approach to overcoming obstacles is spectacular!

As long as you have an idea of ​​how to increase your income, don’t give up. Find people who support you in any unconventional decision regarding money. If you end up in the sphere of trading, start with little and with minimal risks. Maybe the Cent or Micro accounts offered by FBS are the first steps to something fantastic.

  • Dil Dhadakne Do

In a difficult financial situation, spend less save more!

This comedy features a family of Kamal Mehra, a businessman who is very close to bankruptcy. However, hoping to get easy money, he takes his whole family (many people) on a cruise. He dreams of establishing a marriage that can help attract new investments to his ruined business. What? You have no money, but you take your family on a trip through the Mediterranean. This plan might work in Bollywood but it will probably fail in real life.

Remember, if you have financial problems, going on a cruise, renting a villa in Monaco or fulfilling the dream of hugging a penguin in Antarctica, it might not be your best option!

In times of money shortage, be disciplined and don’t get caught up in emotions. Minimize your expenses and focus on finding escape routes. However, make sure they are not too risky. Otherwise, the consequences could be so dramatic that no Bollywood producer would dare to sponsor a movie about your life!

And now the Grand Final

Yupiii it has been a great trip to the world of cinema! If you decide to see all the masterpieces in a row, take a decent vacation, because they are too long. Prepare the tissues, cook for the next few days and wait for the end of the-good-always-succeed-over-the-bad.

The unique world of Indian films has taught us some universal lessons:

  • Dreams can work.

If you don’t give up on them, there’s no going back, and keep people who share your ideas and support you unconditionally.

  • Money likes creativity.

If you keep that thought of always trying to increase your income, the universe will be generous. Unusual ways to earn extra money give the best results. So do not hesitate to be witty and brave.

  • Losses are not the end of the game.

Instead, they can become the basis of your future success. Your mistakes today will become inevitable lessons tomorrow.

  • The risks are imminent, but you can foresee them.

Never underestimate your monetary situation! If it seems to have a downward trend don’t doubt it is true. You should expect the best but prepare for the worst. Consider the possible risks involved and plan to avoid irreversible consequences. The analytical knowledge, the awareness of world events, and personal discipline will help a lot.

Don’t be shy follow the rules and get ready for the dance of the most epic success of your life! Wait, what music does it play? Do you hear her I’m sorry, I’m leaving I can’t standstill.

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