October 30, 2020

The 10 Richest People in the World in 2019

As every year since 1986, the magazine specialized in business and finance “Forbes” publishes the list of the richest people in the world.

The importance of observing and studying the richest men in the world lies in their humanization, verifying that they are ordinary people with characteristics that can be learned.

Also, many of them are authentic role models.


So let’s go with the list:

At number 10: Michael Bloomberg

With a net worth of 40.4 billion dollars, he owns the financial news company that has his last name.

Bloomberg is a means of communication in economics and finance of the most respected. In addition to offering data and news, it also makes financial software programs available to the user.

Without any doubt, Michael Bloomberg has closely linked to the world of investments; Thanks to this experience, he has acquired the mentality necessary to enter the “top ten” of the Forbes list.

At number 9: David Koch

He is currently Vice President of Koch Industries and co-owner, along with his brother Charles Koch. His fortune reaches 43.5 billion dollars.

Koch Industries is a “holding company” of companies dedicated to various sectors, such as manufacturing, commerce, and investments. The energy sector works very well. Not forgetting the link to finance they have, both Charles and David Koch.

An anecdote is that David Koch came to run for vice president against Ronald Reagan for the Libertarian Party.

At number 8: Charles Koch

Brother of David Koch and owner of the company previously reviewed. Mr. Koch, grandson of a Dutch immigrant has managed to make his company the second-largest private company in the United States (the first is Cargill, according to Forbes). A great example of a millionaire mentality. Its assets are 43.6 billion dollars.

At number 7: Larry Ellison

Oracle owner and one of the most interesting minds that can be studied. He founded Oracle in 1977 and is currently one of the largest software firms that exist.

An interesting thing about Mr. Ellison is his strong personality and principles. He assures that he has always followed his instincts, even if they were contrary to what was established as politically correct. It occupies the 7th position of the richest men in the world with a fortune of 48.1 billion dollars.

At number 6: Mark Zuckerberg

He is the creator of Facebook, known throughout the world. Facebook is considered the largest social network in the world and an authentic revolution in human communications. A true visionary. With 49,000 million dollars, this man will go down in history as a great innovator.

At number 5: Carlos Slim

Its assets are valued at 49,600 million. He is a great Mexican businessman, although his activity is very diversified.

For example, in 1997 it acquired Apple shares just before the launch of iMac. That same year he acquired Prodigy, an Internet service provider. He is a very active investor, which has multiplied his fortune. A hero in the sale of businesses.

A curious thing about Mr. Slim. Like Rockefeller, it has a philosophy of austerity, savings and no waste. He assures that these factors have been key in the constitution of his fortune.

In number 4: Jeff Bezos

Another example of a millionaire mentality and prepared for success. His fortune amounts to 66,000 million dollars.

Founder of Amazon, the e-commerce giant we all know. It started from scratch, starting the project at home. Entrepreneur par excellence.

In number 3: Amancio Ortega

I think it is not necessary to present it, but it is a Spanish businessman. Creator of the Inditex group, the company with the highest market capitalization in the Ibex 35. Its best-known brand is Zara.

It is worth studying how this businessman in the textile sector reached 72.1 billion dollars in personal assets. It is an example of overcoming. His social works are also an example of solidarity and Corporate Social Responsibility.

At number 2: Warren Buffet

We enter fully into the world of investments. Warren Buffet is considered a true finance wizard.

Called “the oracle of Omaha,” this man is ranked number two of the richest in the world based on financial investments. He started from a young age and his philosophy is an investment in value.

In spite of having a patrimony of 73,200 million dollars its austerity surprises. Their way of investing is studied and followed by other managers throughout the planet. He worked hard to be considered one of the best investors.

At number 1: Bill Gates

Not surprisingly, the founder of Microsoft is at the top of the richest people in the world. It started from very low, pursued his dreams and revolutionized computing with Windows 95.

83.9 billion dollars make up your assets and guarantee your hard work.

As a conclusion, we can openly say that perseverance, patience, hard work, austerity, knowledge of finances and investments; but above all a successful mentality are the characteristics that have made a difference in the richest people in the world.

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