October 30, 2020

Success Story: How to Triple Your Earnings With Social Trading

We have told you many success stories of Forex traders, but this time we want to share a very special success: the one that was achieved with the FBS CopyTrade application.

First of all, you don’t need to know much about Forex to make a profit with this application. It is much simpler. You can make investments, follow the strategies of the professionals selected in the application, copy to the main traders and obtain fabulous profits with your actions.

Once you join this trading network, you will automatically get the following features: a catalog of the best players in the market, detailed information for each trader,

statistical graphics on the performance of traders, etc.

After the recent update, you can also start earning profits with a minimum investment and a small fixed commission of 5% of your earnings for any trader.

With FBS CopyTrade you can use more than 100 payment systems to deposit and withdraw funds, you can create a list of favorite traders, view your personal investment history and get 24/7 support in your language.

Let’s meet Josias da Silva Filho, a lucky man from Brazil who has tripled his investment. With a deposit of $ 8,359, he managed to make a profit of up to $ 28,589.36!

– What is your strategy in FBS CopyTrade?

I have a strategy. I watch traders for a long time before investing. I examine those who operate with the news and also those who only do a little bit of trading. I select the ones I consider to be the best.

I have studied more consistent traders. I also read all the information in the comments on the Play Store. So, in the end, I succeeded.

In May, for example, I made huge profits! I won 19 thousand dollars in a single investment!

– Did you have a special strategy to make a deposit?

I use Neteller and I have many friends in a WhatsApp group, so I get information about the best days to buy dollars and buy them from the people in the group.

I have the ideal trader who is the one I usually invest most in, but I often select different traders to expand my strategy.

– Have you lost something?

I started making profits a little after I started because I joined a WhatsApp group. The people there guided me on the right traders to follow. That’s why I started to make a profit.

– What would you recommend to other investors in CopyTrade?

Always watch other traders, start with caution, but be bold too.

I was successful when I was brave and began to invest more. Invest a little until you catch the timing of the system, then you should invest more with courage and confidence!

Pay attention to your intuition! Trust it will work, believe it and don’t give up. I already had losses of the profits that I obtained, but never the capital that I originally invested and never got discouraged.

– What do you think of our application?

I think the application is good. It is good, it is safe. All my results are accurate!

You see, Mr. da Silva Filho succeeded because he trusted his intuition, always watched the market and other traders and was brave to take advantage of good opportunities. It is not magic – it is just a combination of efforts and perception. Anyone can do it!

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