October 30, 2020

Know your Trading Platforms

You are here with FBS, which means you are up to date with the opportunities for your income growth. Good for you – the idea of ​​financial success is already in your head! Now is the time to look for the right tools that will help you make it happen.

First things first, you should know the options of your trading platform. Have you never heard about her? Well, a trading platform is a software that will allow you to trade through financial mediators – brokers. It will make transactions in the market, develop trading strategies, analyze your performance and apply automated mechanisms to obtain higher profits. FBS offers a selection of three trading platforms, including the most common, MetaTrader4, the updated MetaTrader5 and a new application, FBS Trader. With the constant technological advancement as motivation, all these platforms allow customers to take advantage of their peculiar benefits. Let’s find out which one is ideal for you.

The idea here is to make some analogy with food because even if you love money and always want more and more – the stomach should not be ignored. We will use pizza for a change.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 or MT4 will be your Pepperoni. That is to say – understandable, which meets all needs, traditional and appreciated by at least 70% of customers.

The platform originated in 2005 and for more than 14 years it has been the most downloadable software by traders of all possible levels and experience. If you are not ready to immerse yourself in advanced operations, MT4 will go beyond your expectations. It is a complete package of standard tools that you might need to beat the market.

Although it is quite simple, it has that professional feeling that provides a wide range of features. It is packed with 30 technical indicators and 24 manually applied analytical objects that can help you predict price movement. For the complete visualization of a trend line, you can use up to 9 temporalities, the largest of which is one month. It allows you to systematize your behavior in the market and make long-term trading plans. Customizable alerts and market news will keep you updated with the latest dynamics.

– Are you ready to make an order !?

– Can I have a Hawaiian pizza, please?

– Yes, of course – here you have it! Your delicious piece of

MetaTrader 5.

MT5 is a sophisticated platform with new functionalities, more unusual ingredients and caution from those who do not have enough experience.

MT5 was launched in 2010, not exactly as an update for MT4 but as a platform for trading stocks, futures, and commodities. Also, due to its different programming language, MT5 end users obtained an expanded set of tools to develop their algorithmic trading programs and electronic assistants. Therefore, both platforms target different audiences, it does not promote MT5 as an improved version of MT4.

However, it is worth mentioning that MetaTrader 5 has a list of practical functions especially suitable for advanced traders who want to cook their trading perfectly.

It comes with 38 built-in technical indicators that help in the development of an ideal trading strategy. You can select the type of chart you want: candle, line and bar charts. With 21 temporalities, it is possible to minimize the interest period up to 1 minute. All this, together with 46 analytical objects, will allow you to have the most accurate analyzes and plan your operations as an expert in the market.

FBS Trader

The delivery of a Margarita pizza is waiting. You got what you ordered – the most understandable and straightforward taste. Although FBS Trader is a simple solution, it is still a complete software with all the necessary instruments for successful trading.

The crucial information of each trading instrument is grouped on one screen, including essential trading parameters and graphics. The daily price fluctuation is interactive, and buying/selling actions are possible with just one click. If you have any problems while operating, do not hesitate to write your concerns in the chat 24/7 with a multilingual support team.

All your orders and transactions are conveniently organized, and you can get their details in no time. With FBS Trader, you will have all the resources to enter the market and start operating from scratch quickly. You will not be tortured by a confusing interface and features you will never need. Clear, concise and covering the main needs of daily traders – that’s what your FBS Trader is.

Meal for the Mind

Now that you are full of knowledge, let’s summarize everything.

FBS Trader is a new and minimalist product, ready to solve all your daily market requests. It is precise and straight to the point, which will allow you to concentrate on price deviations without being distracted by an ambiguous interface and features that you do not plan to use.

Today, MT4 remains the gold standard among trading platforms and enjoys an increase in popularity. The analytical options are more than enough for not so demanding traders. MT5 provides an abundant list of features for qualified artists in the market. It offers immersive possibilities for robot development, high execution speed and a community of the best talents to learn from.

All platforms are free, so you must decide which one suits your needs and works best for the markets of your choice.

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